• Interview with the artist Marco Polo at Coya

Marco Polo Artist/Designer

From the moment I saw the Bowie painting looking at me as I descended the stairs at Coya Mayfair, I thought wow to myself (I am an avid Bowie fan anyway, so this added to the excitement of seeing it up close) I wondered round Coya, where numerous works of the artist are hanging. I wanted to meet the person creating these. Luckily I did, and we had a very candid, fun chat.

Q: Tell me who you are

A: Marco Polo, but I was born Marc Anthony Richard Burton, my grandmother showgirl had an affair with Richard Burton and my father was the result.

Q: Describe your style

A: It's a mismatch of Pop Art, Street Art, bordering on contemporary.

Q: Was painting always your goal?

A: Up until 2014 I was working in the City (Commodities to be exact) I was doodling at my desk and a colleague offered me £50 for my sketch.

Q: What were you doodling?

A: Insanity by Albert Einstein

Q: What is integral to your work?

A: Messing up a straight laced wall, the contrast of putting up something that could have been hanging on a mural in Bethnal Green.

Q: Your taste in music?

A: Everything

Q: Tell me something about you that nobody knows

A: When I was living in Sydney Australia, I had a job as a parking attendant. I had to hold a huge cardboard arrow and direct people, I absolutely loved it, it was the best job I ever had.

Marc's work is currently at Coya Mayfair London. From 1st June 2017, it will be in Claridges London too.

Marc observing Bowie at Coya

A wonderful afternoon at Coya sipping their legendary Pisco Sours, surrounded by Marc's artwork.

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