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A Woman of Style and Substance - Sara Blonstein

Sara Blonstein is Founder and Creative Director of Blonstein Creative Production, specialising in producing shows and experiences for Lifestyle and Fashion Brands for over 25 years. We were at school together, and Sara was always extrovert in every sense of the word: funny, quirky, full of ideas, with great vision. She brings laughter and fun and is a great friend.

Who are you?

I went to school with you! (Alexandra Naylor) in Wimbledon, and as you remember, I was always into fashion and loved parties - and now the two have come together. I wanted to do Fashion Journalism, I became a stylist, then started styling pop videos. I saw all these empty buildings and I thought, why not organise events in empty places, then it went into a combination of fashion and production together.

Blonstein produces the whole British Fashion Council Hub for London Fashion Week (including Men’s) and London Fashion Week Festival. We also produce the multiple award winning design house ROKSANDA who had pianist Michael Nyman accompanying the models catwalk run this season.

Describe your style?

I choose derelict beautiful buildings to produce shows in that it can be a back drop for anyone: a fairly minimalist construction but with the technology to realize each designers dreams.

What is integral to your work?

Team work is integral to me. Without the vibe, the passion of my team, I would not be able to be to do what I do. I always have a gutsy feeling about the people in my team. It is all about their skills; from the technical, to choreography, organisational, the lighting, sound, heating, making walls, even installing toilets! Dealing with problems that may arise, for example, when we were building for the Men’s event, we chose a silver wrap wall paper to cover the walls for the show space, we covered all the panels with it, but when we put it on the boards to create the walls, it started sagging!! and you don’t know these things, so we lost so much time, we had to turn everything white, everything had to be re-canvassed and painted white. Luckily this type of thing doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, you just have to get on and deal with it.

Sara with some of her team backstage at LFW

With some of her team in the back stage offices at LFW

What of future plans?

I’ve done so much ! Just to keep going, but as I am quite involved in the art world, I’m on the board of The Institute of Contemporary Arts ICA, so maybe more on fashion and art together in some way. I do miss the crazy parties though of my pre serious fashion days. Watch this space.

Me enjoying the catwalk show

Me watching one of the catwalk shows.

Having fun as always with the fabulous Sara Blonstein!

Having fun with my gorgeous talented friend

A brilliant day at LFW

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