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ARK - Animal Rescue Kefalonia

ARK, Animal Rescue Kefalonia, is the islands answer for homeless animals. Run by Maria Marina Machado and Joyce Broekman, ARK cares for hundreds of animals on a daily basis with the aim of them being adopted. Ranging from day old puppies and kittens to older dogs and cats, the sanctuary relies purely on donations and grants to keep feeding, watering, and sheltering the 300+ furry friends. On top of that, when an animal needs extra medical attention when it is brought in due to abuse or injury, it is up to ARK to provide the funds. As mentioned, ARK relies purely on money given by holidaymakers, animal lovers or those who dedicate their lives to helping, so with no way of knowing how they will afford the next bag of food, it is up to us to make sure that none of the 300+ cats and dogs go without food.

Cats and Dogs all live in total harmony together at ARK. One would think that with well over 300+ animals the noise would be constant and loud, quite the opposite in fact, the peace and tranquility of the entire ARK family is quite overwhelming and beautiful.

As a volunteer, I spent my days cleaning, making sure all the animals have enough water and cleaning cages, but my ultimate goal is to give as much love and attention to these animals as I could as they do not know when their next hug or stroke will be, and of course raise funds to feed, care and home these wonderful animals

Marina is an extraordinary woman who devotes her life to taking in abandoned lost animals until they can be re-homed. That is the objective, in the meantime the reality of housing, feeding, caring, medical costs, operations, repairing cages, kennels, all takes time and money. Feeding the hundreds of animals twice a day is expensive, but Marina will never let any animal go hungry. The rescue centre is an incredible place, with so many animals one would imagine chaos and constant barking, it is the complete opposite, Marina provides a haven of complete peace, tranquility and love.

Marina and me taking a well earned rest!

Feeding a kitten who had lost its mother.

The ARK logo

Go to beautiful Kefalonia (where Captain Corellis Mandolin was filmed, where Lord Byron lived for a while) and go visit ARK, 5 mins from Argostoli town centre. Have a wonderful holiday on this spectacular island. See, cuddle, talk to the animals and you will realise what an absolutely amazing place ARK is. If you can adopt marvellous, or sponsor or donate, or set up a direct debit or paypal and give even one euro or a 10 euros a month, or whatever you can, but please know, every single Euro goes directly to ARK so they can continue to feed and pay for all the animals needs until they find homes.

Please please please don't forget our furry friends! knowing a life has been saved because of you is the best feeling you will ever experience.

My daughter with one of puppies found wandering alone on a beach.

Thank you so so much from all the animals at Animal Rescue Kefalonia. If you need anymore information please contact me or ARK via their website.

Please visit their website and donate now at:

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