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Maddox Gallery - A cutting-edge gallery in the heart of London

Maddox Gallery has built a prestige distinction for originating and showcasing exclusive and unique art from worldwide renowned and emerging artists. The gallery is found in the heart of Mayfair, London.

I'm photographed here with an even now more acclaimed Banksy "Girl With Balloon" limited signed edition, after its shredding at Sotheby's. "Going, going, gone..."

James Nicholls is the Managing Director & Curator of Maddox Gallery & Maddox Fine Art Groups as well as the Art Critic for London Live TV & presenter on 'London Go' arts programme. He is the presenter of 'The Queen's Paintings' Buckingham Palace, a television prime-time programme (September 2018) with The Royal Collection Trust. As art expert for British Airways, James has been presenting Investment Art in the inflight programming for the last five years. He is a Patron of The Royal Academy of Arts, The National Portrait Gallery and The Dulwich Picture Gallery.

He is International Art Editor for The Player, a bookazine targeted to the world’s wealthiest individuals, and a contributor on art to numerous international publications and television programming. James also lectures and presents on a diversity of art subjects from old masters such as Leonardo and Caravaggio, through to modern masters, Picasso and Warhol as well as new emerging cutting-edge contemporary artists.

Q: James, how has the gallery scene changed in the last 5 years?

A: The biggest change in the art market we have found has been the impact of social media - currently around 40 percent of the people that visit the galleries are a result of the Social Media platforms. It has changed the face of the art world. New emerging artists are discovered daily and art is sold globally at the 'touch’ of a button.

We have been open for three years and have so far opened six galleries - three in Mayfair, one in Notting Hill, one in Gstaad, Switzerland and have just opened a new one this week on Beverley Boulevard in West Hollywood. The reason we spend time and effort making the front of the galleries stunning with flowers as creates a massive social media impact for he galleries. Social media is a key element of our marketing mix. Some of our most successful artists are the ones who have a significant social media following.

Q: Do you think it will change even more in the future?

A: Absolutely - art has become more accessible in the last ten years. There have been extraordinary record highs of art sales form auctions and a phenomenal growth of interest in art. If one goes in to any major art institutions such as the National Gallery and Tate Modern - what I find very noticeable is the large percentage of young people that art there viewing and enjoying the art.

Q: Do you have a favourite piece of artwork, whether past or present, and why.

A: I liken art to music - it depends on the mood you are in and the stage where you are at at that time. For example, I enjoy such a wide variety of music, and it is exactly the same with art. I often talk to groups and in the media on artists from Caravaggio to Banksy and I relate to so many of their works. Currently I am presenting a TV show called the Queen's Paintings, from Buckingham Palace. (Link) With the Queens Curator, we discuss such a diversity of priceless art including; Vermeer, Rembrandt, Van Dyke, Canaletto, Rubens etc., all spectacular.

Currently at Maddox Gallery in Mayfair, we are featuring an exhibition of one of my favourite artists; Bradley Theodore, from New York. I resonate with his works because they have so much life, colour, diversity and positive impact.

Q: What is the most challenging part of organising, studying, compiling acquisitions for exhibitions etc

A: It is complex and challenging, but that is part of the enjoyment and challenge of the job. For exhibitions it is important to know the audience, who will be there, what is the structure of it, will the art works be unique and stand out? It has to be professionally managed and presented. The coordination of the materials, marketing activities and PR surrounding an exhibition are crucial. A crucial element are the financial considerations - it needs to be a success. We have a highly competent professional logistics team coordinating the activities from; stock, shipping to delivery and then closing all what is required at the end of the exhibition.

We are involved in numerous exhibitions at the galleries as well as several international exhibitions each year so that we can present our cutting edge emerging artists on a global scale.

Thank you so much James!

T+44(0)203 781 7584

M+44(0)770 223 6400

Richard Hambleton was an American-Canadian graffiti artist best known for his recurring motif of a black-silhouetted figure known as the "Shadowman". Hambleton is the 'godfather' of New York Street art. His silhouttes graced dark corners, alleyways and walls across Lower Manhattan in the early 1980s. He was the first street artist to attract the attention of the lucrative art market, achieving both commercial and critical success. Hambleton often worked alongside contemporaries Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The Horse & Rider painting, also known as Marlboro Man, is remarkable.

Retna - his distinctive script paintings resemble many different languages, but belongs to no one culture.

Being a passionate animal lover, one of my favourite photographers is David Yarrow. He captures the beauty of the planet's remote landscapes, cultures and endangered animals. This magnificent photograph is called "The Walk of Life".

Andy Warhol's amazing series of Cowboys and Indians

The Connor Brothers - just love these - says it all really!

Marc Quinn - his art addresses a central theme of what it is to be a person living in the world. This encompasses man's relationship with nature, human desire, identity and beauty. How gorgeous is this one.

A fabulous gallery, with fascinating and thought provoking art.

9 Maddox Street


London W1S 2QE

T+44(0)203 781 7584

M+44(0)770 223 6400

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